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About Leslie Potter + Purejoy Parenting

Who I am as a guide… is deeply informed by my imperfectly perfect journey of motherhood. 

I’m profoundly human and I’m OK with that. Over the last 20 years I’ve walked my talk through the fires of motherhood and emerged with a fierce purpose to support you in finding your unique brilliance beyond guilt, shame and self-aggression.

You may have seen other coaches that teach you to control your child’s behavior, seemingly avoiding taking personal responsibility for their part in the dynamic. I am not that.  

I lovingly challenge your stories, boldly question your conditioned beliefs and relentlessly guide you to trust yourself creating the joyful home you desire. Kindness, profound wisdom and contagious joy are my tools of transformation. 

With my background as a coach, psychotherapist and spiritual inquirer I’ll share all I’ve learned on this wondrous journey and encourage you to be exactly who you always wanted to be as a parent. 


Courses, groups, one-on-one support with Leslie and the Purejoy Parenting Community.  We’re here to support you in becoming the parent you’ve always known you could be.




Inspiration and support for you and your heart in your parenting journey. 


The Parenting P-A-U-S-E-D Podcast is inspiration to support you in being the parent you want to be.


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One Moment at a Time

One Moment at a Time

We often hear “be in the moment” and yet our cultural conditioning is focused on planning for the future. No wonder we get confused when meeting our little people.  Even though we understand the importance of staying in the moment, our busy minds are constantly...

Creating Emotional Safety in Your Home

Creating Emotional Safety in Your Home

The definition I align with for emotional safety is: "In psychology, emotional safety refers to an emotional state achieved in attachment relationships wherein each individual is open and vulnerable."  In my parenting, I made a commitment to put my eggs in the basket...

My Needs are As Important as Yours

My Needs are As Important as Yours

When does caring for yourself cross the line into self-indulgence? You might be surprised by the answer to this question from the Purejoy view. Most of us were trained to take care of our caregivers' emotional needs by acting in ways that didn’t trigger discomfort in...