30 Day Road Trip

A 30 Day Journey to Go from Feeling Powerless to Empowered In Your Parenting
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Do You Ever Feel Like You’ve Taken a Wrong Exit…


Somewhere and ended up in some backwards parallel universe where your kid is absolutely nothing like you, and you wonder how the heck you ended up here?

You’re just so baffled that this is your life, and you never thought parenting would be this way…this hard…this exhausting.

If you’re like most mamas and papas, the answer is a big ol’ “YES!”

You learned to behave so why can’t they do the same?

You’d do anything to know where you went wrong, and how you can fix it.

You just want your child to behave, and to stop feeling held hostage by their strong emotions.

Wouldn’t it be spectacular to release your parenting baggage and finally feel emotionally connected to your child, no matter what your family has been through?


$197 Two-payments of $98.50 each

What You Can Expect on The Trip

The 30 Day Road Trip is a transformational 30-day journey for mamas and papas who want to move from feeling powerless in their parenting to feeling empowered to be the parents they want to be.


Every day for the next 30 days, you will receive an email, training, and exercise from me to delve deeply into the behaviors in your parenting which lead to feeling guilt and shame, and threaten to strangle the Purejoy which is always available to you.

I will be there for you every step of the way in our program Facebook Group, map in hand, ready to be your guide.


The 30 Day Road Trip is here to give parents like you a proven road map you can rely on to create a safe emotional environment for your child to thrive.

What’s Included in The Course

30-Day Road Trip Online Material

This DIY course includes one lesson per day for 30 days with videos, audios, and written practices

24/7 Community Support and Guidance

“30-Day RoadTrip” includes access to our private members-only support community, where you can connect with other parents who are consciously working to raise healthy kids and share your experiences (because it helps to know you’re not alone).

 Understandings, Skills and Strategies You Will Master in This Course:


  • How the role you took on in your early family plays out in your parenting
  • Why your child’s behavior drives you crazy and how to see from a different len
  • Understand why you act out and how to express your needs instead
  • Why aggression towards your child is actually self-aggression
  • How to set personal boundaries instead of limiting and binding your child
  • How to express your core vulnerabilities in a healthy way
  • How to support cooperation without using control
  • Learn adult strategies to offer support to your child.

Cost: $197 Two-payments of $98.50 each

Kind Words About 30 Day Road Trip

“I can’t say enough about Leslie’s work and this course.  I’ve taken two well known conscious/empathic parenting courses prior to Leslie’s and read so many books on the topic, but nothing resonated more nor helped me shift internally than this course.  Implementing and practicing Leslie’s SafeSeat process combined with the knowledge she imparted through the coursework has been transformative for me as a Mom.  Thanks to this experience, I’m actually finding parenting during the COVID quarantine/crisis so much easier.  In fact, I’ve never felt more peaceful as a Mom!  Throughout this journey with Leslie, I had so many “Ah ha” moments.  First and foremost, I realized where previous courses and books had failed: I was talking the conscious parenting talk with my children, but it wasn’t landing because I wasn’t loving myself.  I’d beat myself up for parenting mistakes and “failures” rather than offering myself kindness and healing.  I learned from Leslie that only by loving myself first am I able to truly accept and love my children.  With that also came the realization that I’d been searching for a technique to use with my children to control their behavior.  Through this course, I finally learned that controlling behavior isn’t possible but setting healthy personal boundaries is!  Leslie has changed my life and mothering in such a profound way.  I cannot imagine where my family would be today without her wise guidance and loving support.  Thank you, Leslie!!”- Kristin Fredette

“Leslie is a pure genius when it comes to supporting parents in creating deep, authentic relationships with their children. For me, I was challenged in the most gentle and supportive way. I was awakened to how my own experience of being parented impacts the way I interact with my daughter, and leads to conflict and upset. The work is hard and the road is long, but Leslie walks beside you every step of the way. If you want a strong and loving connection with your child, I recommend working with Leslie.”   30 Day Road Trip. Diane Jensen

“Leslie (and her courses!) are AMAZING!! I have worked with a number of therapists over many years, and gained much, but none of them were able to provide the platform that Leslie gives from which to understand and process the effect our earliest experiences have on our adult selves and our parenting. She makes the theories about self love something that we can actually grab hold of with practical steps. Her knowledge is extensive, and it is clear that she has had professional training as a psychotherapist, in addition to her coaching skills within the program she has created. And her manner is exactly what you want in a coach/therapist… kind, respectful, funny, calm. She manages to be nurturing and superbly professional at the same time. The work I am doing with Leslie in the 30 Day Roadcourse is enormous, and it is getting to that fundamental deep level that real change and self love can come from. Leslie is providing that essential safe place to work in, with constant support and encouragement and such a wonderfully kind outlook on where we are, how we got here and where we can go. It is so empowering! The growth in how I understand and respond to my children in this beautiful process is such a joy, to myself and also to them. Her approach is for everyone, and I couldn’t recommend her more highly!” Leonie B

I just finished a 30 day virtual road trip with Leslie and have received so many gifts of peace in my parenting. My oldest 12 and middle 8 were fighting. My oldest was trying to protect my youngest 5 as the middle had thrown something at her and I was not home at the beginning of the fight. I was able to ground myself before intervening. I separated them physically and then held my oldest in my arms quietly and then offered her some kind words to let her know I understood what she was trying to do. “Of course sweetie you were afraid for her safety and wanted to protect her, of course you felt alone and the need to be responsible, I’m here now and I love you.” The tears from my daughters eyes just started flowing and I had such a joyous feeling that I had helped her to feel seen, heard and understood, when she has said she always feels that I think everything is her fault. The Safeseat practice I learned from Leslie has enabled me to work towards pausing before acting on my feelings. I’m also taking the time to honor what I am doing well and offer myself kindness. With much gratitude my dear Leslie ❤️  Heather Walsh

Her kindness creates a safe space to venture out into new shifts ini perspectives, enlightening and bringing hope to my current situation.  I am so thankful for our time together.  My furrowed brow and foggy brain turned into a relaxed smile and clarity of mind by the end of it! Thank you so much.” -Tamãra Marie

Purejoy Parenting Starts With the Safeseat Practice

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