As a child, your tender heart was exposed to many situations in which you needed your caretaker to protect you from the intensity which was evoked in your tiny body. Of course, you acted out your vulnerable feelings. What else were you supposed to do? And yet the adults misunderstood your actions and often labeled you as rude, mean or selfish. Your tender heart couldn’t understand the words but felt the energetic force and withdrawal of those you were dependent on for love and approval. Over time you began to outcast the tender young feelings for a safer path which was “good behavior” to please the adults. What a smart choice and yet as an adult when those tender young feelings are evoked through your parenting you find yourself standing at a crossroad. Will you continue down the conditioned road withdrawing love and approval from your child so they will behave? Or will you turn toward your tender heart and see your child through the eyes of love. It is a choice.