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Activate Your Super Powers Supporting Parents

Calling all mental health professionals!

Begins February 2023 – 7 seats left


Are you struggling to support parents in making lasting changes within themselves instead of getting lost in their overwhelm and stress and blaming their child?

Parents come to you weekly worried and overwhelmed by their children’s behavior – nothing you learned in all your education seems to work to make change.

The traditional paradigm of good behavior as a marker of success is based on using shame, blame, punishment and reward.  It does not address the root cause of mental and emotional stress.

Would you like to get to the root of the problem? Would you like a new view? A new parenting paradigm to share with parents in your practice. Now is the time to make big change for you and your clients!

You are in the right place!

If you’re here you feel overwhelmed and under-equipped to support your clients with their parenting.  


Nobody teaches us this stuff.  I know you’ve got years of training (I’ve got them too), but none of that training is about parenting.


Well let’s change that…


If you’re here you see how important parenting is, both for your clients and for their children (who, spoiler alert, will become the next generation of adults).


This is exactly why I believe that by supporting parents we’re changing the world and why I train and certify mental health professionals to become certified Purejoy Parent Coaches and expand their practices to supporting parents.

Purejoy Parent Coach Certification

February 2023



Coaches will Be Trained To Support Parents To:

Coaches Will Receive:

  • Work with their unconscious conditioning
  • Remove barriers in the parent-child dynamic
  • Find PEACE and JOY in their home
  • Work with overwhelming feelings
  • Become the parent they want to be
  • Individual mentoring
  • Realtime coaching experience
  • Support for personal development
  • Tools for future work with clients
  • Community support as well as 1:1 supervision

Until I found Purejoy, I often felt overwhelmed in my work as a Family Counselor, especially after becoming a parent myself. The Purejoy Parent Coach Training gave me such profound insight into the heart of my clients’ family and parenting struggles, as well as my own! The coaching practices I learned in this training have transformed me professionally and personally and enabled me to discover and ignite the pure joy and love inside of myself and my clients.” Carrie Miller, PPCC graduate

What the Purejoy model is about

The Purejoy model was created out of Leslie Potter’s mothering journey, her professional experience working with at-risk teens, and her own deep curiosity about the human experience.  This work has supported hundreds of parents to transform their darkest moments into guiding lights, illuminating and creating environments where children are invited to be exactly who they are in this lifetime!

Who I am…


Ever felt overwhelmed or lost supporting clients with their parenting?

Sitting there as “the professional therapist” trying to figure out what to say to support this stressed mom or dad in parenting their children and having no idea what to say?

I sure have, and it’s not what I call a good time.

My name is Leslie Potter, I’m the founder of Purejoy Parenting and I’ve been a practicing therapist for over 30 years.

Over the first 10 years of running my practice, I wasn’t a parent and I realized two things:

1.) I really didn’t know how to support my clients with their parenting. I was good (maybe even great) at supporting them as people, but when it came to supporting their parenting, my only reference point was the broken model of parenting that our culture gives us.

2.) If parents were given a healthy model of parenting, kids would grow up into healthier and happier adults, which would solve all kinds of problems.

Those two realizations were great, but they didn’t solve the problem, that I still didn’t know how to support my clients in their parenting.

Then at age 44, I became a mother myself, and my world imploded.

Saying I was overwhelmed and exhausted is an understatement.

I knew I had to change my approach to parenting.

In the midst of the most difficult time of my life, I discovered a foundational shift that had to take place, and this changed everything for me. My relationship with my daughter started to improve, and in this shift, I found the support that I needed as a single mother.

As I applied this shift, things continued to change, they got better, A LOT better…it wasn’t long before I was enjoying parenting again (well a good portion of the time 😉).

I added Parent Coaching to my therapy practice. Supporting parents has been the most rewarding work that I’ve done in my life. Through the Purejoy model, which I created from my years of working with parents, I’ve supported hundreds of families and changed the lives of both parents and kids (I’m talking the future generations here), for the better.



  • Pillars of Purejoy

  • ICF Competencies

  • Purejoy Model Stages

  • Personal Inquiry


  • SacredSeat & SafeSeat

  • Working with Client

  • Supervision

  • Marketing Your Practice

This Intensive Training Will Support you to:

Understand the foundational elements of the Purejoy Parenting Model

Take material and learning and apply it to clients

Understand and practice the power of presence and kindness

Practice supporting  parents  as a Purejoy coach

Create a safe emotional environment for clients

Create a strong supportive group

Gain practical  experience in coaching a client in the Purejoy process

Empower a shift in consciousness and new awareness

Gain certification as a Purejoy Parent Coach

“I have been in many learning environments in my life, and this was one of the most complete and satisfying experiences, I have ever had. I can’t recommend this training highly enough.”  Amy Beth Fischoff, PPCC Graduate

What You Receive in The 8-Month Purejoy Parent Coach™ Certification Program:

Monthly 1:1 personal session with a Purejoy Coach (Total: 7 individual sessions)

Online space (Heartbeat group) for you and cohorts, to support each other, ask questions, and share inspirations and breakthroughs.


Weekly group training sessions via 2 zoom calls (recorded)

  • 1.5-hour teaching call
  • 2-hour coaching practice call



      8 week practicum and supervision working with a client

      Online PPCC course material will include: prompts for deep inquiry for your personal work, access to the Purejoy support material, and PPCC online manual.

      Bonus training: How to Market Your Offerings Online

      Requirements to consider

      Out of class study time may take up to 2 to 3 hours per week in addition to calls. 

      70% online participation is required as well as makeup exercises for classes missed. 

      Sessions with practice clients will require additional time outside of class. 

      Study buddy calls are in addition to course time and will be required for 1 hour per week

      Total: 7-9 hours per week.

      Refund minus deposit available if not satisfied within the first 2 weeks of training.


       “Having admired Leslie and her work for a few years prior to the training, I went in simply wanting to understand and experience the Purejoy concepts firsthand. Little did I know that the training will begin a transformation akin to Grand re-Design project and affect not only my parenting but all my relationships. Thanks to Leslie, Purejoy community, and the training itself, I have experienced the most rapid and profound adulting and learned skills that enrich and support me and my family in daily life. This training was no doubt the best gift I have ever given myself. “ 

      Elena Nalimova, PPCC Graduate

      It is my deepest desire to share this work with others.

      Our society is at a crisis point and I believe together we can create a new environment in our homes and support the shift needed in the world. Purejoy shows you the way. The Purejoy Model supports parents to create a safe environment in their homes for themselves and their children, building unconditional confidence, and promoting emotional and physical well being.

      Hear From PPCC Graduates

      Taking the Purejoy Parent Coach Training was the best choice I could have made both professionally and personally. I have a depth of confidence in my coaching skills that I truly did not imagine I could have and I watch transforms happen in my clients I never thought I would witness. I also feel incredibly connected and support within the Purejoy community of fellow coaches and the relationships I’ve formed I treasure. As Leslie often says “you cannot take your client anywhere you haven’t been” and going to the places inside of me I needed to in order to be the coach I truly desired to be was not easy, but doing it within the container of the Purejoy Parent Coach Training I felt so safe and held, and supported. Jenna Wolfe, PPCC Graduate

      Frequently Asked Questions 


      What is the PAYMENT POLICY?:

      You are responsible to pay for the PPC™ certification training in full (including all applicable sales and other taxes or fees) and for providing us with a valid credit card or other payment method. If you choose a payment plan and you miss a payment, your account status will be changed to “delinquent.” You will immediately lose access to future course materials and Bonuses and your access to the Site and all Content will be revoked seven (7) days after your payment is declined. You will also not receive access to future versions of the Program as it’s released until all payments are made in full.

      If your account remains in delinquent status for longer than sixty (60) days, the Company reserves the right to report any delinquent balance owed to a credit reporting bureau and/or collections agency subject to the Company’s sole discretion until the account is caught up and in good standing.

      To be clear, PPC™ certification training is not a “pay in part” training where you can pay only for access to certain Modules/Materials/Bonuses and not others. This is a full immersion training, and your payment plan is a convenience that we offer so that you can make the price sustainable. Therefore, what this means is that once you pass the “refund period” you are consenting to pay the entire amount even if you then decide to end your participation before the program is completed.

      ARE CERTIFIED PPC™ COACHES EMPLOYEES OF THE PUREJOY PARENT COACH INSTITUTE? No. You are not an “employee” of this institute nor of Leslie Potter. You are trained in a method we teach online so that you can expand your work with families. Once you complete this training you are responsible to set up your practice and clientele on your own. 


      This needs to be worked out solely between yourself and your client’s insurance plan. Typically, coaching is not covered under most insurance plans. However, some plans do. This is something you’ll need to work out with your clients on a case by case basis.


      While you are NOT required to carry insurance as a coach, when providing a service to others it is always best to protect yourself from any legal action. We recommend consulting with your preferred insurance carrier and/or legal counsel for further recommendations regarding liability insurance.


      The PPC™  certification training comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You can participate in the course for up to 2 full weeks, and if you do the work and honestly feel you didn’t get any value from the experience, please write us with your completed coursework for the two full weeks and we will issue you a full refund.


      Just like with all entrepreneurship endeavors, nothing is a guarantee. Setting up a practice requires a whole set of skills, including hard work, persistence, creativity, and networking. We will help you train in some of these through our marketing module. However, again, no one can guarantee your success in your future, except for your own self-motivation and beliefs.


      This program is NOT therapy. It is a coaching methodology that is used to train parents to connect better with their children. There are clear guidelines and restrictions on how to stay within the limitations of a coach without crossing over into the territory of a therapist. We will talk about this throughout the program.