When I adopted my daughter 9 years ago, I promised to be the BEST parent I could be. Honestly, I was afraid to be a mom, so I waited until my forties to adopt. Even though I love children, I was always afraid I might not be able to be the mom I always dreamed I could be.

So, I began the journey of the “try too hard” mom. I rarely found myself relaxing and enjoying the time with my daughter because I was always “trying” to do the right thing, feed her the best food, give her the greatest care… I was so far ahead of myself, I rarely slowed down and just sat on the floor with her.

When I finally slowed down and looked myself in the eye, I was able to see I didn’t need to be perfect. She didn’t care! She didn’t see the messes I saw or thank me for making sure she ate right. She just loved my hugs and kisses and jumping into my arms whenever she saw me. As I took the time, to love myself, for who I am not all I was doing, our relationship
grew and our hearts opened. Today, we cleaned the house together, playing and loving being together.

Practice: Today, instead of focusing on all you haven’t done, take a moment to look in your child’s eyes and see the love pouring toward you. Try letting go of one task and dedicate that time to sitting down on the floor and making a “little” mess! See how it feels!