Calling all mental health professionals!

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Are you struggling to support parents in making lasting changes within themselves instead of getting lost in their overwhelm and stress and blaming their child?

Parents come to you weekly worried and overwhelmed by their children’s behavior – nothing you learned in all your education seems to work to make change.

The traditional paradigm of good behavior as a marker of success is based on using shame, blame, punishment and reward.  It does not address the root cause of mental and emotional stress.

Would you like to get to the root of the problem? Would you like a new view? A new parenting paradigm to share with parents in your practice. Now is the time to make big change for you and your clients!

You are in the right place!

If you’re here you feel overwhelmed and under-equipped to support your clients with their parenting.  


Nobody teaches us this stuff.  I know you’ve got years of training (I’ve got them too), but none of that training is about parenting.


Well let’s change that…


If you’re here you see how important parenting is, both for your clients and for their children (who, spoiler alert, will become the next generation of adults).


This is exactly why I believe that by supporting parents we’re changing the world and why I train and certify mental health professionals to become certified Purejoy Parent Coaches and expand their practices to supporting parents.

Until I found Purejoy, I often felt overwhelmed in my work as a Family Counselor, especially after becoming a parent myself. The Purejoy Parent Coach Training gave me such profound insight into the heart of my clients’ family and parenting struggles, as well as my own! The coaching practices I learned in this training have transformed me professionally and personally and enabled me to discover and ignite the pure joy and love inside of myself and my clients.” Carrie Miller, PPCC graduate

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