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Purejoy Parenting Care Groups



Leslie offers parenting support groups to go deeper into the Purejoy Parenting Foundations. The first 3 weeks of the month we meet as a small group via phone to process your individual needs, covering topics such as:

Recognizing and working with triggers in response to your child’s behavior

Understanding the communication behind all behaviors

Learning to address your child’s needs as well as your own

Working in Connection with your spouse instead of at odds

Ensuring emotional safety with regulating techniques

Staying calm and connected through daily practices

In addition to three monthly small group meetings, and a private Heartbeat chat group, you’ll also receive the Purejoy Walk Talks (5 minute inspirational audios each weekday. ($20 per month value).



DISCLAIMER: Parent Coaching is not counseling, therapy, mentoring or sponsoring. Coaching may address specific personal issues about parenting your child, how you were parented as well as general conditions in your life.

“Leslie’s work is so unlike any other parenting support out there. She gently leads you into the deep tenderness in your own heart so that you can show up as a human being (not only as a parent!) anew. She is such a refreshing voice in this landscape of be better, do more, be different. She simply allows you to be your true kindest self but gently guiding you through the tremendous emotional work of early parenting. The intimacy I experience with Leslie and the other parents in our CARE group is deeper than I experience with many people I’ve known for decades, we are able to fully support one another in the most vulnerable way.” -Lindsey Heddleston Smith

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