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Teri Greene


Success as a capable and caring nurse, a strong marriage, educational success, financial stability, strong extended family relationships, home ownership in a family-friendly neighborhood were all factors I believed would ensure parental success. Then we adopted two children.  During their pre-teens parenting became unbelievably challenging. On our journey I met Leslie Potter and her Purejoy way brought harmony to our family! 

Along the way I’ve dealt with issues arising from adoption, as well as live-in therapeutic programs for teens. If you are struggling or just curious about Purejoy parenting I’d love to support you in increasing the joy in your family!

Email: terivg57@aol.com

Purejoy Parent Coach

Amy Beth Fischoff

Family Harmony with Amy-Beth | Colorado

Amy-Beth has  been following the Purejoy path for 14 years, first as a parent and now as a Purejoy Parent Coach. In 1992 she left a lucrative career as an art dealer in N.Y.C. to follow her heart and work with children while obtaining a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Ed. After moving to Colorado, she studied Pre/Perinatal psychology, working with parents whose newborns faced challenges during gestation and birth. However, becoming a single mother at the age of 46, awakened her to the unique emotional challenges of parenting her own child. Despite years of education and experience she found herself struggling to make sense of the psychological rollercoaster that had become her life. Fortunately, when her daughter was 7, she discovered Leslie and the Purejoy work, which profoundly enlightened her parenting and her life. She now proudly offers Purejoy coaching methods, enhanced by her years of insight into the emotional lives of children, to nurture and support the love and harmony in all families.

Email: abfischoff@gmail.com

Purejoy Parent Coach

Márcia Carneiro

North of Portugal

Márcia is the mother of twins, 6 years old Sofia and Margarida, who was never born.

She has been a pharmacist for almost 20 years and certified as a parent coach in 2016.

She is also a breastfeeding counselor and a doula. 

What she loves the most is studying different approaches to a subject, like parenting, and then creating her own puzzle. She is committed to doing the inner to work to find out how we can show up as emotionally strong caregivers for ourselves and our children.

 Languages Offered | Portuguese, English

Email Márcia at: marciasac@gmail.com

Purejoy Parent Coach

Leah Rupp

Leah Rupp Parenting + Astrology | IDAHO

Leah Rupp specializes in illuminating the path of the soul. She uses the teachings of Purejoy Parenting, along with astrology and human design, to support parents in remembering the truth of who they are. Her work creates a soft landing where parents can remember the dreams they have for their family. 

After experiencing deep suffering in her early years as a mother, she found a path of deep peace in her parenting. It is her great joy to support other parents in finding their own soul path. 

Leah specializes in seeing to the root of a challenge, and untangling it with love and acceptance. She has a lot of experience with sensitivity and emotional reactivity for children and parents. 

Leah lives in Idaho with her partner and two curly haired kids. Together they homeschool, work, and explore their dreams. 

You can find her free resources and teachings on instagram: @leahrayrupp or contact her through her website: www.leahrupp.com

Email: leah@leahrupp.com

 Robyn Nick

Stormy seas parenting | Colorado

When I started fostering my now adopted son, my world turned upside down. I didn’t have a playbook for single parenting, let alone single parenting early childhood trauma. And the feelings that arose were INTENSE. 

I had what I believe was some of the best foster parent training available. What I was not prepared for was my unresolved childhood trauma arising. BOOM: my trauma met my son’s early childhood trauma, and it was fireworks. I fell flat on my face with parenting fails. Over and over again. 

I was at a loss. I wanted to change my parenting, but had no idea how. So I searched, and through an often painful and fulfilling journey of growth and discovery, I found the resources I needed. If you’re a single parent, foster or adoptive parent, and struggling with parenting, I get it. I’d love to chat more: find me at www.stormyseasparenting.com.

Email: robyn@stormyseasparenting.com

Olivia Streater

Movement Therapy and Coaching | Switzerland + Online

 I am Olivia Streater (she/her), a body-oriented psychotherapist and parenting coach.

I love to support parents with ADHD (including self-diagnosed ADHD), high sensitivity, PDA and/or c-PTSD or with neurodiverse children. 

We work to find more ease and joy, whatever your circumstances.

I am neurodivergent myself and the single mother of two children, including a transgender girl. If you are dealing with the fall-out from your own emotional reactivity, associated shame and self-esteem challenges, and organisational stress, I get it! 

Mothering – and the approach of middle-age or menopause – is simply one of the most challenging times for an ADHD brain! Combined with other stressors, we can all benefit from having someone in our corner.

I started my own journey with Leslie over 12 years ago. Since then, I trained as a psychotherapist. 

I have learnt as much (if not more) from my own lived experience and from work with clients. I’ve been to the depths and back, frankly! I now enjoy integrating that learning to support parents to reconnect with their own bodily authority and wisdom. 


I offer one-to-one sessions online and the 8-week ‘Parenting Paused’ course.

I aim to hold a deeply compassionate space in which the Purejoy principles of finding inner safety, kindness, and ease are incorporated within an approach that centers on the authority of the body.

I have a flat rate (see website) but please do inquire further if finances are an issue. Some pro bono spots are available for refugees.

Timezone: CET

Languages |  English, Spanish, German, French

Contact Olivia: at olivia.streater@movementtherapych.com, or via her website or facebook page

Purejoy Parent Coach

Leonie Byard

Life Force Parent Coaching| Australia + Online 

I am a self-confessed “emotional growth geek”! I have been fascinated with human emotions and relationships since I was a child. I was delving deeply into the human mind at University when I fell in love, and so I completed my Bachelor’s degree in psychology, married, and had the first of my three children.

Then didn’t I learn what it meant to have my heart walking around on someone else’s little legs! Always, my heart’s desire was to connect to and value my child for the divine spark they truly are. And yet I constantly hit my own limits and anxieties, particularly when two of our children were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. 

As is my way, I continued researching and trialing new methods that I hoped would give me the capacity to stay connected to myself and my child even during meltdowns, sleep deprivation, and “witching hour”. My search led me to Leslie and the Purejoy model and I found, at last, a practice that encompassed all of the things I had searched for.

Endless possibilities have continued to open up for myself and my family along the way, as I learned to turn towards my emotions, to honor my desires, and to question my beliefs. To live from my life force!

The Purejoy model is built around compassion, kindness, healthy boundaries, and awareness. It is a foundational model of human relating that I am taking forward into all aspects of my parenting, relationships, and career because it FEELS so right! Like finally coming home.

What I am offering is to teach you workable tools that will support you in understanding how you have learned to relate to yourself and the world. I will support you in deepening your capacity to trust your own inner wisdom, as the brilliant being you are. That is the place from which you can start living into your full life force, and it is a truly powerful place of possibilities!


Email: leoniebyard@gmail.com

Purejoy Parent Coach

Tanya Milano Snell

Brave New Parenting | Indiana

Tanya Milano Snell loves the intricacies of relationships and community building. She uses the teachings of Purejoy Parenting, along with mindfulness and the rhythms of the moon to support families to live with purpose. Her work creates a safe place where parents can remember the dreams they have for their families. 

After experiencing huge grief losing both parents to cancer at the age of 36, she had a choice to make about her own well-being and her dreams as a teacher.  She wasn’t the mom, teacher, or wife that she had always hoped to be. 

Showing up with passion and purpose was her new path to freedom.

Tanya specializes in seeing each person as an individual with hopes, dreams, and desires.  She can illuminate your brilliance before you are aware of it yourself.

Tanya lives in Indiana with her husband and two brilliant children. Together they adventure in nature, explore their passions, and use their brilliance joyfully. 

You can find her free resources and teachings on Instagram and Facebook by clicking the icon below. 


Purejoy Parent Coach

Holly Cole

Parent Coach | Austraila


Holly, a Purejoy parent coach, brings a distinctly Jungian flavor to her work.

Born and raised on the east coast of the United States, she now lives in Sydney, Australia with her daughter.

Holly’s initiation into motherhood was marked by the extremes of joy and grief, having lost her mother to cancer just three weeks before the birth of her daughter.

Finding her own light within the darkness, she now supports others in finding their own inner resource. There is a distinct power and beauty within each of us, uniquely our own, often hidden where we least expect it.

We all could use more support on our parenting journey.

Please get in touch via email here – cole.holly@gmail.com  if you would like to book an introductory session with Holly to explore the possibility of working together. 

“In this coaching program, for the first time, I could truly be myself. I got to bring everything, all of me, even a very important piece that was challenging- my resistance!” –Marcia Carneiro, PPCC graduate

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