Purejoy is delighted to announce that we just graduated TEN brand new Certified Purejoy Parent Coaches as well as 5 Group Coaches!  

Just look at their beautiful brilliance shining through! 

Such an honor to journey with them over the last 8 months as they walked with HEART through the stages of Purejoy, back home to their true nature.

Stay tuned to the Purejoy Parent Coaches Listing to take advantage of their new offerings as they spread their wings in this work. 

Congrats to you, Coaches! 

Below is a poem Carrie Shaw Miller wrote to celebrate the moment. 

Poem for the Purejoy Coaches

The Purejoy journey
Is daunting indeed
I tried to run and hide
Rather than absorb its creed

I buried myself in work
Focused on serving others
I never prioritized myself
I didn’t want to be a bother

I didn’t have the courage
To make myself a priority
I didn’t want to face myself
Or feel selfish or needy

But as I stretched myself too thin
Like butter over too much bread
My fire fizzled out
And my heart filled with dread

I lost my joy, I lost my spark
I lost my ability to speak
I lost my confidence in myself
My heart and soul felt weak

I came to PureJoy to avoid enmeshment
And to stop colluding with clients
But I got so much more than that
I finally found my balance

You all supported me
In being more authentic
In loving all my brilliance
Along with my faults and antics

In bringing my WHOLE self
To this present moment MAGIC
To tell it like it is
Whether glorious or tragic

To stay with my discomfort
And offer it loving kindness
To sit with intense feelings
To counteract my blindness

My blindness to my judgments
My blind urge toward self-aggression
My blindness to my childhood baggage
Born out of innate wisdom

In shining Purejoy’s light
On these blind spots in my life
I can show up fully as I am
And no longer apologize

Instead I take full responsibility
For every part of ME
Now I can shine joy on others AND myself
Now I can finally be FREE

Thank you vibrant, fantastic Leslie
Thank you heartfelt, helpful Jess
Thank you dancing moxy Tanya
Thank you sweet, soft Amy Beth
Thank you gentle, glowing Holly
Thank you sincere, funny Erin
Thank you wise and pensive Abe
Thank you all for ALL your caring
We appreciate you SO MUCH
You’re in our hearts forever
We’re so grateful to be with you
On this Purejoy journey TOGETHER