Below is the recording of the Emotional Safety teleseminar that myself and Genevieve at www.peaceful-parent.com  ran yesterday.

Thank you for registering for the call.  We hope you gain some insights, reminders and more tools that bring more harmony to your days.

There are a couple of pages on Genevieve’s website that may be helpful to you as you continue to foster emotional safety in your home;

The Basic Emotional Needs Checklist  can help parents identify what might be missing and what’s needed for their child when their child is out of balance. There may well be small steps you can take towards meeting those needs today.

Feelings and Needs Chart  gives some pointers that can be a quick reminder of some of the feelings that may be driving certain behaviors and furthermore some of the possible unmet needs that need to gain attention before the child can begin to feel better, hence act better. This can also be useful in helping a parent to re-frame a challenging situation when the parent becomes emotionally charged and has the urge to choose actions that escalate a situation.