Mother’s day is coming to your area soon!

How has it been for you?

Have you ever felt disappointed and let down?

I remember many years of sacrificing and giving to my loved ones. All I wanted was ONE DAY to be celebrated and cherished.

It was a set-up and every year I was determined not to fall for it and yet I did.

The pain was real and no matter how hard I tried I ended up miserable and positioning myself as a victim. I convinced myself nobody got it or cared how much I had given up.

Woah is me! Did I say it was painful?

I would then lash out at my daughter and no matter what she did it was not enough.

If this has happened to you I have a HUGE dose of kindness.

You are beautiful, mama and I see you!

I know how much you give to your babes.

Here is a practice to support you in celebrating YOU on Mother’s Day.

  • First, It’s time you turn back in and give yourself the love you are seeking.

          Take a moment to honor and love all you have given your family.

  • Secondly, separate out from the “fantasy” that they get it how much you have given and will honor you in the way you wish

           Take a moment to honor and love the family you have.

  • Third, let them know what you would like. Be bold and give them directions around your desires.

    Take a moment and know it is not a sign of not loving you if they don’t get it.

You can do this. I did.

You, mama deserve to be seen and heard and the more you do the more you will step into your empowered position of choosing to give your love freely because it feeds you.