Have you ever felt a BIG nudge and knew it was time to jump into the water even though you resisted like CRAZY?  

I’ve felt this countless times in my parenting and often found it easier to resist and create a million reasons to stay with the norm rather than jump.  

Over time I’ve learned to question my perceived “safe” place and to update my capacity to take risk as an adult instead of relying on my early “young” strategies I learned as a child.  

I’ve gotten bolder in my capacity to care for myself as well as my daughter.

I’ve learned to tolerate intense feeling states without acting out.  

I’ve committed to doing things which activate discomfort internally and to find out if my old stories are true.
It has been a profound journey of inquiry into my conditioned beliefs around being a woman in this culture.  

I knew it was important because I am raising a girl and I wanted to offer her something different. 

It became clear when I was feeling discomfort I was clearly onto an old conditioned belief which needed an update.  
The last thing I wanted to do was to raise my daughter with all the restrictions I’d experienced as a girl.  

What I found difficult was when I began to witness how powerful and direct she was and how it triggered a fear of being punished which was what had happened to me.  

Honestly, it was very confusing.  

My favorite blog post was: “I’m raising a girl to say NO, just not to me”.  OMG this was the dilemma.  I wanted it both ways and I began to realize I had to stand up and own my NO if I was to offer this gift to my daughter.  

I had to risk being seen as selfish, mean, rejecting and rude.  YIKES!  

I chose to love and honor myself as well as my daughter.  

I stopped pretending I didn’t have needs.  

I stepped out of my martyr role so I could show my daughter the way.  

At times, it is still a struggle to stay connected with my truth and yet I am committed to living this and sharing with you.  

I’m stepping up to the plate and offering 30 days of Facebook Live which on some level scares the S–t out of me.

I am an introvert and it would be a lot easier to play it safe and stay inside.    
Come join me on my page and send some hearts my way to let me know you are interested in changing this old paradigm of parenting.    

I’ll be on at 9 am MT each morning and every day for the next month.  I’ll alter the times so my Aussie friends can join so check the page for updates.  I’d love to see you there!