When I started my blog I was disciplined and determined to write every week.  I kept it up for a good 2 years which for me is amazing.  Then the tides changed and I didn’t write for 2 years which is also amazing.

One of my highest values is freedom and this shows up for me as going with the flow. I eat when I’m hungry, I sleep when I’m tired and I get bored with routine so naturally this is how I parent my daughter.

If I had measured myself by all the parenting books and their determination that children need consistent routines I would consider myself a massive failure.  Thankfully, I have an inquiring mind so decided to dig a little deeper into the topic.

What I learned along the way is how flexible my child is when I consistently stay connected with myself and lead the way.

I consistently have to work with my emotional triggers so I don’t control my daughter’s behavior in an attempt to get rid of my discomfort.

I consistently have to show up in the present moment without dragging my past along.

I consistently have to take care of my emotional needs.

I consistently have to ask myself, “is how I am about to respond loving?”

I consistently have to listen to her natural rhythm and timing.

I consistently have to question my conditioning.

When I’m able to consistently love myself even in my inconsistency, as far as creating consistent routines, I show up in the present…where all the magic happens.