Here is a beautiful story written by my friend Bruce Scott.

Check out his work at http://www.brucescott.org/.

EVERYONE MATTERS:  Bruce Scott              9/2011

What if everything–every so-called little thing mattered?

What if the children in our lives mattered so much that our every tone of voice and response came from respect, awe, wonder and exquisite sensitivity?

Maybe the essence of us, no matter our age, self identity, gender or belief of who we think we are, rests on a foundation of wanting to matter to others.  Really matter.  Not just pretend matter, but we knew inside ourselves that it mattered that we were in this world.  How would it feel to know we mattered to those close to us…..and we knew inside ourselves deeply, that we mattered, even if others did not see it?

How would I come through for others, show up, be available, care, and feel safe, if I knew I mattered.  Not necessarily for my skills, money, or no money, or who I know or how I look, but because I exist.   What if I knew you really “saw” me inside behind my personality, and sometimes disturbing behaviors.

What would that have been like as a child to know deeply that we mattered?  What would that be like now knowing that others see us, inside and out, and they smile?  Maybe all the disturbing behaviors between relationships and between children and adults is, at some level, wanting to feel connected to others?   If I am a child, I want to know that I am more than a child that needs to be educated, and learn stuff all the time, scheduled, prodded to do more, always improve…believing I am never quite good enough…not yet.

Maybe there is a universal innocent one inside all of us, asking only to be touched kindly, held, emotionally and physically, and appreciated for being alive, warm and breathing.