The price of deep transformation in our parenting is high. It means we have to be willing to shift our perspective on our child’s behavior and let go of our loyalty to “being right”, “knowing what is best”, “power and control” and “feeling like a successful parent”.

When we live under the paradigm that parents are the almighty and children should give over to us by complying and surrendering their will we won’t be able to open to the humility and vulnerability required to create a safe emotionally connected relationship.

If we truly want to limit oppression and violence we must be willing to see where we are still being self-aggressive to our tender vulnerable selves. Until we are willing to turn inward and offer the gentle arms of kindness to the disenfranchised feelings, which our children will surely evoke in us, we will continue to see “good behavior” as the gold standard of child rearing.

From my viewpoint, the time for change is now. The world I see all around me is filled with dominance and oppression and unless I am willing to do the work at home I will only pass down the conditioning of my past.

I find this takes courage and strength to swim upstream from the prevalent parenting paradigm which is still dominant. What I find gives me this strength is my community who is committed to finding a new way. Together, we can support each other in returning to the “vulnerable” parts in ourselves and to bring them to the table.

Thank you for joining me and supporting the profound work I am graced to share.