Have you ever had one of those days filled with shocking surprises? Well, I did last Friday.
First, I broke my computer screen so I couldn’t use my regular computer. And the second thing, which may trigger a wince  ( but remember, there’s no bad things just challenging ones)  is I broke my wrist in two places. It was truly a freaky break. 
Since I didn’t have my laptop, I went to use my big computer. I have this little meditation chair on wheels that I use instead of a desk chair to sit cross-legged. I decided to put an extra pillow on top. As I went to get on the chair, whoosh it flew out from under me, and wham my wrist hit the hard metal desk.
Of course, my mind immediately began to figure out why this happened. “What is this all about?” I thought.
It’s so easy to come up with stories and conclusions especially when a freaky thing happens. Well, there could be a million reasons just like there are a million reasons when my daughter does things that I don’t understand. As I deeply pondered my situation, I ended up thinking there is no good reason or bad reason it is just a freaky Friday.
The deeper question became how do I want to be with reality? Can I slow down find more neutrality and actually witness the benefits as well as the drawbacks of the reality that I am facing? 
Viewing my situation from this position I saw so many small acts of kindness. So many opportunities to offer myself, and others, compassion. So many opportunities to give others the chance to give back to me.
This led me to my parenting journey and asked myself the deeper question “how do I want to be with the child I have instead of the child I want her to be?” As I did, I realized there are many drawbacks and benefits to my daughter being exactly the way she is. 
So Lovies, this week if you are struggling and feeling stuck in the negative with your children take a moment to slow down and ask yourself-
How do I truly desire to show up for the reality in the moment?
Remember, there are always benefits and drawbacks to each moment.
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