Do you ever feel like giving up?

Running away, disappearing, just giving it all up in your parenting.

Well, if you do, it’s OK.

It’s important to see this desire as a messenger not a destroyer. If you hear yourself saying, “I can’t do this anymore” take heart. It’s an opportunity to ask yourself what ways am I being that aren’t working any longer? Am I giving too much and refusing to receive? Am I positioning as a victim? Am I using control instead of connection to get my needs met?What strategies are not working in your personal interior world?

If you feel divided inside it will show up outside with your child. So, the question is: Do you want to feel powerful or empowered in your parenting? Do you believe that you have all the answers and know what is best for your child? If so, when they disagree do you feel like giving up?

Take a laser view of the so-called powers you use in your parenting. Are they working or do you feel like you are in a constant battle with your child?

It may be time to listen to the messenger and to “give up” what isn’t working. And of course, this will trigger BIG time fear inside and yet you can be with that. You have the capacity to offer it love instead of giving it the power to run your parenting.

Instead of manipulating, demanding, punishing, shaming or controlling your child what will it take to lay those powers down? It could be time to “give up” on those and take on the superpowers of loving connection, healthy separation, effective selfishness, and adult boundaries. Don’t shoot the messenger…open the door and welcome it to the table of unconditional love.

Listen to podcast episode 54: “Giving Up”