I have prided myself, as a single mom, in being self-reliant. I can do it all has been my motto! Hand me a challenge and watch me power down and make it through. Phew! Even writing about it makes me tired. Where did I get the idea that it was an asset to hold it all up? I’m sure it was from childhood but why I’ve carried it all these years is a mystery.

Quitting my job, pulling my daughter out of school and supporting a friend after the sudden death of her husband has brought me to my knees. Uncle, I scream to the universe and then I realize I’m the one who is holding up this crazy concept. The universe is offering grace, at all moments, I just have to be open to accepting the truth. Yes, I am a single mom and it is easy to buy into the illusion that it is all up to me. Shutting the door to grace only makes life harder. Opening the door can also be challenging because when it opens, the support rushes in. Can I accept it? You bet! It is time we all live in the absolute truth and open to the abundance and love which is always available.

As I open, I relax and my daughter relaxes. As I live in the truth, my daughter does also. I choose to live in grace, showing her the way. She is supported in life. She is grace! It is really this simple when I choose to see it this way.

Practice: Today, see if you can slow down, relax and open to grace entering your life. Watch what happens to your children as you open and receive the support that is always there.