Do you experience happiness emanating from inside and spreading out or coming from the outside and spreading in? Most of us were trained to attach happiness to an external event. 

Think about your happy 2-year-old who emanates that happiness through the joy of their being.

Following that joy, they experience the outside with wonder and delight. When the focus is placed on the item they experience versus the joy inside they believe it is the item bringing the joy. Innocently, they believe “things” or “accomplishments” bring joy. 

Instead of connecting the dots expressing our internal joy, we learn to attach our happiness to the external item or experience. 

This week let’s practice turning inward to see what lights you up inside. As a child, what did you dream about? What was your favorite game? What could you spend all your time on? Where did your happiness express itself? 

When you expressed your happiness in a way that didn’t elicit happiness in your caregivers what happened? Did you subordinate your desire to meet your caregivers? Did you learn to provide happiness to them with what you did or said? If so, you may have lost the trail of your happiness and how it might express. 

Take time to truly answer the questions with a gentle loving eye. Keep following the trail to how you expressed your happiness as a child and how it was received. 

Ask yourself: Am I afraid to express my happiness from the inside out knowing it might trigger someone else? Do I keep looking outside to see what will make my children happy instead of expressing mine? 

Hmmmmm! Have fun inquiring and learning more about yourself.