I was talking with my daughter about a mom who was frustrated with her son for not helping more around the house.  I asked her what she thought was going on in that situation.  My daughter is 11 and very aware.  Here is her take on the situation.  She thought the kid was probably feeling the parents disappointment and when he felt the intensity he had to take care of himself so would probably move into the silent treatment. Wow!

Now this activated my curiosity and I said, “Hey, I need to write a new blog post and I’d love to hear your perspective.  Parents are very curious as to what is really going on inside and you might help some kids by giving us the inside story.  I asked her the following questions and here were her answers.

What causes the silent treatment?  The kid being mad at the parent

Usually what are they mad about?  The parent wants the kid to do what they want them to do

What do you think the silent treatment will do?  Keep the kid from having to answer questions they don’t want to answer or take care of the parent

Cure for the silent Treatment:

Be light and start laughing.   The kid starts laughing and it cures the silent treatment.

Now the cure surprised me because when she moves into the silent treatment the last thing I want to do is be light.  I kick into a belief that I’ve done something wrong and now I’m being rejected.  Yep!  It becomes all about me again!  So, the answer for me is to relax more, lighten up, when I feel stressed, and laugh a lot more!

I’m excited for the instruction!