I’ve learned raising a beautiful, strong authentic daughter requires I live and parent from this place inside myself. Learning to trust myself andrelying on my internal wisdom, instead of using techniques to control my daughter’s behavior, has been challenging.

It has taken a leap of faith and a devotion to making our relationship the number one priority. Being a single mom added an internal pressure to “take it all on” and what I’ve learned is to “give it all back”. Using that pressure to fuel my passion has given my daughter the greatest gift I have which is me in all my glory

This looks like dropping my agendas for her life and taking the time to hear her desires. Waking up every morning open and available to dancing the dance of relationship seeing where it takes us. What a gift.

Practice: Today, see if you can drop your agendas, for your child, and enter into their world, listening and opening to their agenda. Open to their authentic desire to connect and ride the wave of joy.