Everyday, I seem to have a moment of awe witnessing my daughter as she grows and comes into her own.

Cleaning her room has never been high on her list, so over time it became a junk pile. Anything I would find around the house, I would just throw in and shut the door. Slowly, she began to take over my bedroom instead of facing into hers.

Last weekend I spent 2 days, cleaning, organizing and giving away 3 bags of goodies. Whew! I was exhausted and yet in the end we were both excited to see the space. For the first time, she entered her space aware of all the possibilities. She was ready to make it her own.

She spent the next weekend organizing and creating a magical world. Even as I write this she is in there hanging sheets, creating new entrances and delighting in making the space all about her.

Practice: Really take the time to see where your child is in their readiness instead of projecting your timing onto them. Patience is truly a virtue in allowing our children to leap when they are ready.