771865_86700035My daughter has struggled with homework for the last year. Unfortunately, I struggled right along with her, which only added to her stress. When I finally backed off and managed my own anxiety she had the space to find her way.

Last night she had 3 pages of questions to answer, which was a real stretch for her. She was creating a character for a writing project. I kept gently nudging her to start and yet she clearly had her own timing. I thought, in my head, she’ll never get this done but sat back and worked with my projection onto her.

She finally went to bed around 10pm saying she would get up in the morning and finish. Of course, I thought, yeh right, I’ll believe that when I see it. Amazing how those thoughts just push their way into my space.

I woke up around 7am and went in to wake her and lo and behold (trumpets here) she had been awake since 6am working on her questions. I’m sure my jaw dropped to the floor as I had to eat all of my earlier thoughts Oh, how I love having my perceptions busted!

Practice: Today, watch your thoughts around an area in your child’s life where you judge they are behind. See if you can work with your projections inside instead of projecting them outside onto your child. See what happens!

Ms. Purejoy aka Leslie