1230253_51132742Our children come into this world pure and awake. This is why we feel in awe when we see a newborn baby. By the time we are adults, we are defended and protective and living out of a different story of ourselves. We have forgotten that we too, at our core, are pure and awake.

Coming into contact with our child’s outrageous exuberance and joy can either trigger our own joy or do the opposite. It may trigger our pain, in forgetting our own, and cause us to shut down our child’s. We hear the stories we were raised with, and still hold true in our consciousness, and believe them to be true. Opening to love requires that we question ANY belief that shuts down our heart to our child.

It takes a strong commitment and willingness to stay open and parent in this way. Returning to who we truly are is only a moment away for it always exist. We just have to shift our focus from our story, to the moment, opening our heart to seeing every expression as sacred.

Practice: Today ask yourself are you living in an old story or are you able to open to the truth of the moment and accept who you truly are. Step out of your story, for a moment, and touch in with the beauty of who you are
reaching out to your child with the hand of joy!