1211236_75120042Today, I am feeling the tenderist place in my heart.  As I open to this exquisite place, my heart breaks open to an even deeper place with my daughter.  Often, when I’m busy and trying so hard to ‘keep it together” as a mom, I notice that my heart closes.  Even though I can still feel my love, for my daughter, I don’t feel I’m acting out of that love.  It’s as if, in my need to be responsible and keep it together, I separate from my love.  Often it feels like a deep chasm and I can’t find the bridge back to love.  When this happens, I start to focus on the things my daughter’s not doing, more than our connection.  It’s as if, I imagine if only I can get her to “do” all the things I need her to do, then I can open to love.    I make our loving connection second on my priority list.  I’ll move toward love, after everything is done!  What a funny creature I am!

Today, notice when you are truly moving toward your child from a deep, open loving place.  Then notice how you are moving toward them when you are running late, they won’t do what you want or your just overwhelmed by the day!