Seeing all manifestations of our child’s expressions as sacred is being willing to own all of our expressions as sacred. Seeing where I want to reject my daughter’s emotional expressions clearly shows me where I shut down on my own. In trying to control her outburst, in the name of teaching her how to behave,I’m able to get a clearer vision of how I shut myself down.

Opening to the beauty and wisdom of all expressions instead of labeling them as good or bad allows me to just be with what is. As soon as I judge an expression as something I like or don’t
like, I have left the clear moment of the present and who I truly am.

Entering into the past, I limit my capacity to show up for my daughter and to hear what is going on for her. Slowing down and allowing myself to embrace the discomfort I feel inside, instead
of controlling her behavior, so I don’t have to work with my pain, teaches her to control her own expression to take care of me. Not what I’m wanting to teach my sweet child.

Practice: Today, become aware of what happens in your internal state when you perceive your child acting out in a so called “negative” way. Watch how you contract around their form of expression and notice how you are actually shutting down on yourself.