I love when Spring is right around the corner. In Colorado we jump from 60 degrees days to the next waking to snow and rain. It’s an amazingly volatile time when I get to experience my tendency of wanting things to stay the same. Today was a sunny, warm beautiful day. Tonight the snow is coming in. I can feel my resistance to the huge shifts, which are all part of Spring, in our neck of the woods.

Seeing how I resist the swings, made me think about how I often resist my daughter’s emotional swings. When she is in a good place and in her sunny disposition, I relax and act as if this weather is going to stay forever. I’m always caught, a bit off guard, when she shifts into a moody state in a moments notice. I see how I resist and keep trying to encourage her to return to a lighter place. Just like I do the weather.

Learning to embrace the fluctuations of the season teaches me to see my daughter’s emotional states as temporary. This allows me to stay in the moment, flowing with the shifts, knowing the sun will soon shine again.

Practice: As the Spring season comes upon us, notice how the weather has its own patterns and no matter how you may want them to change, they just are. It’s not personal. Then begin to see how your child’s emotional states have their own patterns and as long as you don’t take them personally you can enjoy the ride.