It is amazing to watch my daughter learn new things. She is open and willing to sit in a place of “not knowing.” She inspires me to remember that parenting is not something we were consciously taught to do. We learned how to do it by being parented by our parents. Monkey see, monkey do.

If we are going to enjoy our parenting, we must be willing to look at any and all rigid beliefs we hold around doing it right or wrong. In my humble opinion, opening to learning a new way of being is what parenting is all about. Everyday I get to face into places where I still won’t accept “what is”. Everyday I have the opportunity to see life from a fresh new perspective. Everyday, my daughter awakens ready to learn new things. So can I.

Practice: Today, keep seeing your role of parent with new eyes. Remember, you are always learning, so give yourself space to make mistakes, even as a parent. Open to beginners mind and see what you learn.