1072585_80472483Staying centered when your child is on an emotional roller coaster can be a challenge. It is like a mine field. As they travel through their emotional cycle, expressing their emotions, you may get triggered at any point depending on your beliefs or conditioning.

Until I was really able to work through my own rage issues, every time my daughter would express hers, I would quickly leave my center and join her in the field of rage. When this happened there was no anchor and we would both act out toward each other. I wanted to control her rage because of my own history.

Staying centered means I am willing to separate myself from my daughter’s rage and to continue to hold my center in the face of hers. So, the focus, in the moment, is on my connection with myself instead of trying to get my daughter to do anything. When I’m able to stay centered, and not take it personally, she is able to express the rage and then quickly move back into a state of love. I know it may sound impossible, and yet it is amazing to witness.

Practice: Today, when your child expresses emotions that cause you discomfort, see if you can stay focused internally on what is going on with you. Instead of joining their emotional roller coaster, see if you can focus on staying centered inside, releasing your personal agenda and showing up for the ride.