1022921_79425194Often when hitting a frustrating point, in our parenting, we quickly rely on our minds to show us the solution. When we witness our child exhibiting a behavior that causes discomfort, the mind tells us we need to control the behavior.

What we have learned is that certain behaviors are “bad” and unless we get them under control they are going to destroy us. What we didn’t learn was how to see all feelings and states of being as sacred.

As children when our strong emotions were expressed, they were often judged as “bad” or “wrong.”We quickly learned that strong emotions caused distress, in those we loved, and either hid those emotions deep inside or acted them out even more to get attention.

This is what we learned and have so easily passed down to our children. Stepping out of our minds and into our hearts, in the face of discomfort, requires us to step away from acting out our discomfort. Going inside and allowing ourselves to move past the knowing of the mind, opening to the heart is the deeper

Practice: Today bring awareness to the moments when you feel discomfort in relation
to your child’s behavior. Watch how the mind begins to race, telling you to
do all the usual things you know to control the feeling. Take a breath and open to a
new possibility of allowing your heart to act.