1093089_94929326Lately, I’ve experience a lot of turbulence due to my circular thinking.  When I perceive something from the external, thwarting my need to be seen and heard, I experience a lot of turbulent stirrings in my body which triggers many turbulent thoughts. My mind goes round and round trying to make sense of it all.  This happens almost daily with my daughter.  She is moving more and more into her own world.  When I reach out and she doesn’t appear to be interested in connecting, I jump on my version of a hamster wheel and off my thoughts go.

Most of the time instead of sitting through the turbulence I want to get up out of my seat and control her.  So, I thought about when I choose to fly on a plane.  I actually walk on the plane, without really knowing how it works or who is even flying it, and sit down in my seat.  I buckle myself in and stay in my seat.  When turbulence hits, I have to sit there, breathing through my fearful thoughts and ride the waves until it is calm once again.  I don’t get up out of my seat and go try to fly the plane!  Wella!  How many times, when I am on the “see me hear me” plane, have I gotten up out of my seat and tried to fly my daughter’s plane?

Today, notice when you are feeling turbulence and see if you can strap yourself in and ride the waves of your own fear before trying to control anyone or anything outside!  Wait for the calm to return before moving out!