Unf*ck Your Family Legacy

Become the Parent You Were Meant to Be
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Did you swear you’d never be like your mom? That you’d never…


Yell, like she did?

Get angry like she did?

Spank your child, the way you got spanked when you were little?

Choose drugs or alcohol over your child, the way your parents did?

Demean and talk down to your child, the way your mom talked down to you?

Then… F*CK! You’re Triggered and act just like they did?

When your child’s behavior triggers you it’s a lot harder to “control yourself” and  that family programming takes over.

Suddenly the things you swore you’d never do…you do them.

Only, it doesn’t help.

Now, you’re left feeling guilty and ashamed.

If this sounds familiar, mama, you’re not alone.

Our family history lives on through our parenting but its not because you are a “bad mom.” Its programming.

(there is a scientific reason for it and its not your fault)

The Unf*ck Your Family Legacy Course



$197 Two-payments of $98.50 each

Included In the Course

Parenting Course Online Material

“UnFu*k Your Family Legacy” is a do it yourself course which includes one lesson per week with videos, audios, and written workbook and practices

24/7 Community Support and Guidance

“UnFu*k Your Family Legacy” includes access to our private members-only support community, where you can connect with other parents who are consciously working to raise healthy kids and share your experiences (because it helps to know you’re not alone).

In This Course…



  • You will explore your family history and discover the core traits and vulnerabilities which have passed down in your parenting.
  • You  will learn how to understand and release your historical template uncovering your deep inner wisdom 
  • You will experience gratitude for your history being just the way it was
  • You will determine your birth families values and determine if they are yours or if you are living inauthentically 
  • You will begin to create a new parenting template which engages who you truly are instead of passing down YOUR HISTORICAL family legacy.




Be The Parent You Want To Be.

You Get Everything Below…




  • U – Uncovering Your Family Template: Discover the baggage you are carrying
  • N – Navigating Finding Balance: Equilibrate your early memories to move forward
  • F – Feeling Gratitude: Open the doorway to truth
  • U- Understanding Family Values: Determine family values which are guiding your parenting
  • C – Creating A New Template: Step into your authentic wisdom and knowing
  • K – Knowing Yourself: Share your knowledge with the family and greater community


$197 Two-payments of $98.50 each

“Her kindness creates a safe space to venture out into new shifts in perspectives, enlightening and bringing hope to my current situation.  I am so thankful for our time together.  My furrowed brow and foggy brain turned into a relaxed smile and clarity of mind by the end of it! Thank you so much.” -Tamãra Marie

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