Welcome to the 8 Session Purejoy Parent Intensive Licensing documents!


The intention of this program is to provide quality Purejoy content to support the client in becoming the parent they dream of being.

Sharing the Purejoy view creates a wave of transformational change in the family as well as the world.

Below are 3 licensing options- Licenses expire one year from the date of purchase.  By purchasing, you agree to the Terms of Use.

Upon purchase- the LICENSES will each come with a coupon code.

Share the coupon code with your client to access and download their Purejoy guidebook at www.purejoyparenting.com/8sessions

After your purchase is complete, a link will be shared to download the 8 Session Purejoy Parent Intensive Coach Guidebook.

Support in regards to your purchase can be accessed by emailing support@purejoyparenting.com

Sending you love and encouragement as you do the work of Purejoy!