Love always exist even though it may be masqueraded by fear. The sun is always shining, even when there is a strong cloud cover in the sky. So is our love. Often we get lost in the clouds of our fear of being “bad” parents if we aren’t controlling our children’s behavior and therefore can’t slow down enough to find the love that is sitting right behind the clouds. Love-based parenting is about recognizing the state of fear that may be driving our behavior and taking the time to shift that state of being back to a state of love. When we do, we know how to move toward our children. There is no technique or magic intervention needed, for in that moment, we will drop all perceptions, based in fear, and then truly show up for ourselves which naturally extends to our children.

Only love is real!

Remember, we are all energetic beings and are always feeling the energetic quality of another persons interactions. When we are in a state of fear, our children will pick up on it and it will engage their fear. So, take a moment today to check in and ask yourself, am I reacting from fear or responding in love.

Example tomorrow!