873147_20433400Last night, as I was falling asleep, I had an image of taking a picture of a thought!  It was as if, I had a thought, and then took the picture which gave the thought form.  Then I imagined putting that picture on my “life” board and began to live it out as if it were real.  Each time I had a thought, I imagined taking the picture and deciding what to do with it.  Did I want to add it to my board or tear it up.  After all they are just pictures.

As I continued to work, with this process, I thought about my relationship with my daughter and her behaviors.  She has requested  more time on the computer so I began to look at my thoughts around the request.  I saw, in my minds eye, her watching a Power Rangers show, which she is totally into, and feeling uncomfortable with her request to watch more.  My thought was, she is watching way too many episodes and I need to make her get off.  SNAP!  I took the picture of the thought.  I imagined the picture coming out of an old polaroid camera and waited with curiosity to see the shot.  As it slowly rolled out , I saw a confused, hard grimace on my face.  There was no openness in my expression.  My brow was furrowed and I looked like I was in pain.

I then realized this was a familiar picture that lives on my “life” board and it often arises when I am judging something my daughter wants as bad for her.  What I got from the picture is the show was bad for me and yet she was in total joy.  WOW!  What a disconnect.  She is experiencing joy and I am experiencing pain from the same source.  Does that make me right to remove the source of her joy so I won’t have to feel my pain?  Now this was a good movie!

As I slowly pulled the layers off, I realized the movie had nothing to do with my pain, only my judgment of it.  I took a deep breath and first thought about my daugther’s joy, SNAP!  This is a picture worth keeping.  If I can learn to connect with her joy instead of connecting with my judgment about the source of my pain, I may be able to truly meet her and together, we might find joy!