I woke up this morning to read Scott Noelle’s reflection that Every Day is Mother’s Day!  Oh, how I wished I could have read that before I set myself and my daughter up for this infamous day.

All went beautifully, in the morning, as she greeted me with gifts and appreciation for being her mom.  Ahhhh, I thought, boy this is different from last year.  Maybe, I will get a day with her taking care of my needs!   WARNING!  WARNING!  Why can’t I be ok with 10 minutes!

The day progresses and I think I am doing fine until she wants to watch a movie instead of spending time with me in the evening.  Now, I’ve let her play with her friends all day.  My “little mind” starts saying, “You’ve had all day, can’t I just have tonight to snuggle and be APPRECIATED”?  I can feel that I am heading down the wrong track but I can’t seem to stop the train!

I take a breath, and decide to go take a bath!  As I head of the stairs, I run into a roll of toilet paper covering the stairs, wadded up into a HUGE mass at the top of the stairs, and strewn all over the bedroom.  I feel my anger rising and the next thing I hear coming out of my mouth, rather loudly, is “I’m not picking up toilet paper on Mother’s Day!”  “This is MY day, and I need you to pick this up, at once”

She says, “I’ll take care of it mom”.  I head into the tub and talk to myself the whole time.  I tell myself that she can’t take care of my needs, I can.  I am a good mom.  I can love myself and take care of my needs.  Ahhhh!  The hot water takes me to my depths and I realize, that she can’t take care of my needs, but I can.

I walk out of the bath, calm and relaxed and she says to check my Email.  Following message:

dear mom i was not thing right when i put the toilet paper down the stars.

i no that it is mothers day but i could not help it.

i love you as much as the wind loves the sky and the sky loves the

world and the world loves the universe and the universe loves

the planets.


you are the best mom in the world.

Oh my, what was I thinking?  Of course, toilet paper is fun!  So, I tickled her silly, and acknowledged how I understood  she couldn’t help it and guess what?  I got all the snuggles and love I was looking for after all!