Growing up in your home you took on a certain view…often it was your caregiver’s view of the world. Since you were young you saw the world the way your caregivers did. Even though as you grew your view changed and often times was counter to your caregivers, when you get emotionally triggered your early view arises. 

When you are emotionally triggered you are relating to your trigger, not to your present moment experience. This can be so challenging because you have worked so hard to create a world where your children can live a different life than you did. It is painful to witness yourself acting out when rationally you know all the “right” things to do for your children to grow and thrive. 

Take heart, sweet ones…This happens to all of us. Hiding deep in your unconscious are those early templates that of course, you took on. You were young and impressionable and your caregivers were the main source of nourishment. You couldn’t walk out and get new parents so your view was formed and influenced by your environment. 

Take this in and see if you are willing to offer yourself kindness in this moment. Open to the possibility that your acting out is not a conscious decision…it arises deep from your unconscious and it is possible to pause and offer kindness to this younger part of yourself. 

You are trying to take care of yourself just like your children are when they express their BIG feelings. What would it be like to honor you and at the same time honor them?

Ahhhhhh! Take a moment to receive this and see what it is like to release yourself from the guilt and shame that threatens to keep you from the precious present moment. 

This week, see what it is like to move to your SafeSeat especially after you act out. Go there…open your heart to the one inside who is struggling. You also deserve love for being exactly who you are in the moment.