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If you’re curious about the PureJoy way and wonder if it can help with whatever’s going on at home, there’s no better way than to meet Leslie (digitally!) During a one-hour discovery session, you can talk about what’s most alive in your family right now and find out how Leslie’s methods can help you shift away from conflict, shouting and guilt, and toward more peace, connection and love.

Bring your heart and your openness to change, and Leslie will share powerful alternatives to threats, punishments, and consequences, so you can start bringing out the best in your children (and yourself), while still getting your needs met.

I am a better parent and a better person, having worked with Leslie Potter.

I started when my daughter was around 9 and having ALOT of anger with me. Being a solo parent, there wasn’t any place to hide when she would unleash her fury. I learned, quickly, simply, directly, how to manage myself during these moments and miraculously the shift in me changed everything with my daughter. She is now 16, and though no relationship is without its friction, my daughter and I have a very loving, communicative and connected relationship. Markedly more so than many of her friends. I still work with Leslie after all these years. She is a resource that I am so grateful to have in my life.”  –Amy-Beth F.


Care Groups

If you long for a caring community of like-minded parents to support your parenting journey, Purejoy Care Groups are the place for you. Led by Leslie Potter, these groups are safe havens where you can:

  • Recognize and work with triggers that arise in response to your child’s behavior
  • Receive support to step into your adult capacities as a parent
  • Learn to address your child’s needs as well as your own
  • Work in connection with your spouse, instead of at odds
  • Learn to create emotional safety by using regulating techniques
  • Stay calm and connected through daily practice

These groups give you an opportunity to deepen the work you learn through the Purejoy Parenting Foundations. We meet the first three weeks of every month via Zoom.

” Leslie’s work is so unlike any other parenting support out there. She gently leads you into the deep tenderness in your own heart so that you can show up as a human being (not only as a parent!) anew. She is such a refreshing voice in this landscape of be better, do more, be different. She simply allows you to be your true kindest self but gently guiding you through the tremendous emotional work of early parenting. The intimacy I experience with Leslie and the other parents in our CARE group is deeper than I experience with many people I’ve known for decades, we are able to fully support one another in the most vulnerable way.” –Lindsey Heddleston Smith


Parenting Paused

You’ve tried all the theories, heard from the experts and read all the books but, no matter how much you work at being a conscious parent, you feel like you’re failing. 

Slow down. There’s another way. You can move from the constant struggle of trying to control your child’s behaviour, to a more connected, loving relationship and a calmer home. 

Parenting Paused is an eight-week parenting course that will get you where you want to be. You’ll learn to release control and create an emotionally safe home where everyone will feel seen, heard, cared for, and connected — including you. 

In this course you’ll discover and learn how to apply the foundations of Purejoy Parenting, including the transformational SafeSeat process that will turn your parenting around.


Sometimes “short and sweet” is what busy mamas need. The PureJoy Walk-Talks are just that: daily musings filled with inspiration, realizations and opportunities to touch base with yourself. These recordings are made with you in mind, while I walk with my dog in the morning. My intention is to give you a break and a chance to receive and connect into unconditional love before you start sharing with your children.

Walk-Talks are short, packed with love and compassion for you. Consider them a loving reminder and feel the love in each of them — because sometimes you need a mama too!

30 Day Road Trip

Ever wonder where you took a wrong exit and ended up in a parallel universe? How did your kid turn out absolutely nothing like you? When did parenting get so hard and exhausting? 

You’ve been trying to find your way back to the planned route, but you could use some help reading the map!

The 30-Day Road Trip is a guided  journey for parents like you who want to stop feeling lost in confusion and distance, and start being empowered to create the home life they crave. 

Every day for 30 days you’ll follow new guideposts to steer you away from parenting behaviors that prompt guilt and shame, and discover ways to head toward Purejoy instead.

UnF*ck Your Family Legacy

We’ve all done it: sworn we’d never say, do, or choose the things our parents did. Until we become parents… and we find ourselves saying EXACTLY the things we pledged to avoid.

You can stop the cycle: it’s never too late to be the parent YOU want to be.

This course is for you if you’re ready to leave your family legacy behind. Uncovering the beliefs and values that you received from your family gives you the chance to choose what you want to keep, and what’s gotta go.

You can update your programming and develop strategies to break the react – lash out – feel guilt cycle, and learn to get your needs met in a way that works for you and your child.
Are you ready to break the generational cycle? Let’s go.

Purejoy Parent Coach Certification

Are you passionate about and committed to supporting parents?  The Purejoy Parent Coach Certification is an International Coach Federation Continued Education certified online parent coach training program for anyone who is committed to supporting parents in becoming the parent that they want to be.

“Working with Leslie has been like turning my head around 180 degrees and getting used to the view from that angle. I thought I was going to Leslie for her to help me with this issue or that with my girls but instead I learned that the girls are just communicating to me through every action and reaction and it is my own discomfort that I have gotten to work with. The only thing I came into parenthood knowing was that parents were supposed to be consistent which I thought meant saying no today to the same things I said no to yesterday. That was way too much for me to keep up with. Leslie Potter has taught me that the consistency I want is to show up with myself and my children (and in every other relationship) with unconditional love. It’s really simple, but it’s not easy.”  -Susanne M

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