We often hear “be in the moment” and yet our cultural conditioning is focused on planning for the future. No wonder we get confused when meeting our little people. 

Even though we understand the importance of staying in the moment, our busy minds are constantly projecting into the future. 

And yet, during these times when we haven’t a clue what the future holds it is compelling to turn towards the precious moments we have with our children. 

Playing in the sand, smelling the flowers, talking with strangers…all seem to be more important as we face the truth that we’ve never had a clue as to what is to come.

Trying to plan, futurize, control or prepare our children for the future we imagined is quickly fading.

So, how do you parent during these times knowing that the skill sets you learned to be in the world may not support them in the new story we are entering. 

Look deeply inside your beating heart beyond right and wrong. 

Take the time to remember why you decided to be a parent. 

It is a time to ask yourself, “what am I for ?” instead of fighting what you are against. 

If there isn’t a cultural or political voice telling you what is right or wrong can you stand up and claim what you are “for” as a parent?

Are you willing to let go of your conditioned template of how to parent, trusting your deeper knowing in the moment? 

What feelings come up when you imagine this? 

If fear arises can you wrap it in the arms of kindness? 

Unconditional kindness for your beautiful being, not for your behavior.

You are as precious as your child and deserve to be seen, heard and understood as much as they do. 

Let’s step into this exquisite moment together.