I find it challenging to make contact with the vulnerable parts of myself.

There are parts that are so tender, it’s easier to keep them hidden, and to appear judgmental and angry instead of revealing them. 

In doing so, I cut off from my true nature, which is love. 

Whenever I feel angry or judgmental towards others, I take it as a clue that my vulnerability is right below the surface . 

As a child, I couldn’t express my true needs, so I formed a pattern of judging others in order to protect my vulnerability and take the space I needed.

If I didn’t like something, I sat there, smiled, and acted polite, regardless of how I was feeling inside. I pretended like I was OK all the time, to make others more comfortable. 

So if you’re feeling anger, ask yourself:

What vulnerable feeling is hiding that I don’t feel safe to express?

If you’re judging your partner, your kids, your friends, the environment, just notice:

What do I need in this moment that is scary to ask for? 

Owning your needs and feelings gives you the freedom to release your desire to change or control how others are showing up. 

Owning your needs and feelings feels incredibly vulnerable. It is easier to project onto the other, rather than risking the feelings that might come up. 

It’s deeply vulnerable to be a human being. Just by walking around on this little round ball in the sky, we are taking a courageous risk. 

I invite you to offer gentleness and kindness to that experience, and to the precious vulnerability inside. 

As you do, you will offer the same to your children.

You’ll find it easier to access the deep love that has been inside all along. 

Listen to podcast Ep. 42 “Opening to Your Vulnerability”