In order to embrace parenting as a path of discovery, we must face our fear of the unknown.

If we are afraid of discovering the truth about ourselves, we will focus our attention on controlling our children.

When we try to change our child, we are avoiding the deepest parts of ourselves. These are the same parts that have the potential to change our lives if we can meet them.

Often, we avoid traveling a new path because of our fear of what might happen. We fear being outed from our families, seen as crazy, or losing the love of those we long to make proud.

But abandoning our wisdom to fit into our families creates a division inside us, which eventually comes out in our parenting.

What can finally bring us to the point of true change in our parenting?

Usually it is when we get crystal clear that if we don’t, we will be passing our fears down to our children.

When we realize that our reaction to our child’s behavior is the source of our suffering, not the behavior itself, it becomes possible to meet that moment with kindness.

Our suffering becomes the unexpected gift that guides us back to ourselves.

This can change a lifetime of self-aggression and pain, opening us to the pure joy that is our birthright.

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