Stress-based parenting.

This is the mode many parents operate from.

The urgent feeling driving most of their behavior

The thoughts arise –   “What if”

I  don’t feed my child a good dinner at the table,

Don’t give him a bath every night,

Don’t brush her hair,

Don’t make him do his homework,

Don’t get her off that darn phone –

and on top of this now is the pandemic where all the kids are right there all the time and the stress pot bubbles over.

Do you recognize the feeling of not being able to slow down inside and therefore feeling incredibly responsible for every move your child makes? 

The feeling driving that stress reaction is fear, and that fear gets projected out onto your child. She/he becomes the location of your fear.

I once read about a study measuring and comparing the energies of fear and excitement in the body. The researchers found out fear and excitement measured as exactly the same energetic charge. The difference was the story people were telling themselves about the charge.

When my daughter was younger I constantly felt overly responsible and exhausted. 

Being the curious being that I am I checked out if this story was true in my SafeSeat. Releasing the story and simply feeling the energy in my body brought great insight.

With the story gone, I recognized that energy as pure life force, life force I wanted and needed for myself.

In those moments, I committed to releasing my daughter from carrying my fear. As I breathed out I grounded that pure energy down through my body into the earth. Breathing in I pulled the energy up through my heart transforming my fear into love offering itself in the nourishment of my soul.

The reason I am a Mama is to pass that love from me to my daughter, and yet when the fear is strong I experience a block, and instead of love, I project fear onto her.

Transforming that fear into loving energy I offer that love to myself, my daughter, and the world.

Feeding on love instead of fear makes a world of difference in my parenting.

I believe it will for you also.


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