Parenting Paused

An Eight Week Journey to Creating an Emotionally Safe Home
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You’ve Tried All The Theories…


 …heard from the experts and read all the books but, 

no matter how much you work at being a conscious parent, you feel like you’re failing. 

Slow down. There’s another way. 

Parenting Paused is an eight-week parenting course where you’ll learn to release control and create an emotionally safe home where everyone feels seen, heard, cared for, and connected — including you. 

In this course you’ll discover and learn how to apply the foundations of Purejoy Parenting, including the transformational SafeSeat process that will turn your parenting around.

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Jess made us feel comfortable and valued from the get-go.
I was more reactive before Parenting Paused with Jess.
I knew I shouldn’t be, but I didn’t
know how to change when my big feelings flared up.
Now I feel like I know myself better and can communicate with myself
when I feel those big feelings instead of pushing all that energy out on my family.

What You’ll Get

Parenting Course Online Material

Parenting Paused includes one lesson per week with videos, audios, and written material

Four Live Support Calls

Parenting Paused includes one live, interactive experience with a Purejoy Coach personally every other week

Community Support and Guidance

Parenting Paused includes access to our private members-only support community, where you can connect with other parents who are consciously working to raise healthy kids and share your experiences (because it helps to know you’re not alone).

Price: $397

Ready for a redo of Parenting Paused? email support@purejoyparenting.com for a 50% discount code.

Skills You’ll Master in This Course

  • How to create a feeling of safety for both you and your child when emotions are high and the struggle is real
  • How to turn down the volume on those limiting beliefs that parenting with joy and ease is “hard” or “impossible” (and how to finally feel hopeful and motivated in your parenting
  • How to understand your triggers and how to handle them when it feels like your child just won’t stop pushing your buttons
  • How to be receptive to new beliefs and discover the difference between feeling selfish and being selfish
  • How to set personal boundaries and ensure your emotional safety—and your child’s
  • How to use the power of kindness, instead of guilt and shaming, even when it feels hard (and six easy-to-learn practices that will make kindness a part of your daily routine)
  • How to communicate with your child using ‘Open-Hearted Relating” and be their ‘Guide’ (instead of their Drill Sergeant)
  • How to say “Yes” to YOU and continue on the path YOU have chose

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