Ever wake up feeling fine and the minute you walk into your child’s room, and they are in a bad mood you get stressed?

You caught the “feelings” hot potato. YIKES. 

I’m sure you’ve heard about attunement and how vital this is to healthy attachment, yes?

Of course, in your connection you will attune to your child’s feeling state. 

The tricky part is when it activates a feeling that as a child you learned was dangerous.

Let’s say your child is feeling disappointed and you “catch” it. Immediately you’ll be transported to an earlier time when you felt disappointed.

A memory cloud passes in front of the present moment reality awakening early stories and conclusions you made as a child.

Instead of being present with your child’s disappointment you try to fix the situation in hopes it will take care of your discomfort.
It never works though, for your child is not the cause of your discomfort therefore can’t fix it. 

They have triggered your discomfort and yet it lives inside you. Turning towards yourself with loving kindness will give you the opportunity to offer the same to your child.

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