Think about the last time you saw a new puppy….Remember, when your child was little and saw their first puppy? Watch a video of a puppy licking a little one and experience the joy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-5_SW9zh2w&feature=related

The innocence we experience when love is given freely is always available. It opens our hearts and penetrates even the strongest barriers. For a moment, we remember our tenderness and return to our ground of being, “love”. We forget our struggles and see the reflection of our innocent playful self. Our hearts open, and we give back. Amazing.

This ground of being, “love”, is always present and yet we often cover it with our worries and fears. Especially, as a parent, I find it is easier to focus on all my worries and desires to protect my daughter instead of seeing through the eyes of love. When I’m able to see the innocence in her behaviors instead of focusing on the fear, I’m able to open and embrace a tenderness which holds her in a loving way.

When I’m tight and fearful, I might see her actions as threatening or trying to manipulate me in some way. Innocence is nowhere to be found and in my tightness I want to tighten down on her.

Remembering her playful puppy nature allows me to hold this truth of who she truly is even when she forgets.

Practice: Today, find your playful puppy nature and see how the world appears. Try going out in the world, figuratively licking everyone you see, and watch your heart open. Be the role model for your child and enjoy the fun.