Pure Joy

Our true essence is Purejoy!

Mining for our joy can be a treacherous journey.  We have to dig deep into our stories and beliefs that have hidden our most valuable treasure, our vulnerability and joy.

They are often covered with shame, guilt and a feeling of unworthiness which can lead to rage.  Using the power of rage is an incredible digging tool if we stay focused on the treasure.

This is why it is so critical to take responsibility for the rage and remember when it comes up in relation to our children, they don’t cause it and they can’t fix it.  They are leading us to our joy, if we choose to go mining.

Whenever my rage comes up, I let me daughter know, she didn’t cause it and she can’t fix it and I’m going mining for my joy.

I sit myself down in my “power” seat (on the couch) and  let the feelings do all the digging.  If I’m able to open and allow the feelings to go deep they will lead me all the way to my joy and wella, I’ve returned to my true essence. Purejoy!

Steps to working with rage:

  • Allow yourself to experience the intensity in your body
  • Name the feeling
  • Hold the intensity for you instead of lashing out
  • Tell  your child BIG feelings are coming up and you are going to work with them
  • Get yourself to a safe spot to go mining
  • Get your helmet on
  • When hitting rock, keep digging
  • Keep your eye on the treasure: Purejoy
  • Go the distance and you will find the jewel

Happy Mining!