Oh, how I love my darling daughter for she is such an incredible mirror for me to see myself in all aspects. When I am glowing, strong and happy I see her shining face reflecting back my love. When I’m cranky and judgmental I see her dark angry face lashing back, shining light on this side. It is actually an incredible gift to see myself through her eyes.

When I’m able to open and see the reflection, without judgment, I’m learning I don’t have to reject the parts of me that are so painful to see. When I can find the courage to sit right smack down in the discomfort and hold myself, instead of lashing out at my daughter, I find a place of stillness and quiet. I become curious as to what is going on inside that the mirror is reflecting. Usually I see a rejected child who lashes out in anger when she is not seen and heard. When I’m able to turn my compassion back on her and finally give her the love and understanding she needs the mirror suddenly clears.  Suddenly, I’m able to see the true reflection my daughter is showing me….love.

When seeing a dark side of yourself in the mirror remember the following.

  • What you are feeling is not caused by your child it is caused my what is being triggered in you.
  • You have the power to turn the light back inside and reclaim the part of you that is being mirrored.
  • As the discomfort arises, take time to go within and acknowledge the part of you that is showing up
  • See your child as the reflection but not the cause of your pain.
  • How we treat ourselves is how we will treat our children.