• Working our own discomfort ,in relation to our struggling teen, is the key to being present and available to them. #purejoyparenting. #
  • Recognize that behind your anger is an unmet need that your child can’t meet. They don’t cause your anger, they can’t fix it. #
  • If we really want to meet our children, then we must be willing to meet them where they are instead of where we want them to be. #
  • Are you using @MrTweet yet? Besides recommending you to relevant folks, he also helps you discover them as well! http://mrtweet.com?v=12 #
  • Learning more about twitter tools and following more great people. A whole new world! #
  • Our children live in the now so when you are lost in the past or future, take a moment and join your child in the “now”. #
  • Joy is our natural state of being. When worry or dread arise, in relation to our children, you have the power to shift into a state of joy #
  • Waking to a beautiful Colorado morning! Love is in the air so make sure you share that lovin feeling with your kids! #