What if you aren’t raising kids- as much as creating an environment of emotional safety around them that supports them growing into the brilliant human being they are becoming in this life?

My son is 18. He says to me every now and then of his siblings- ‘you would never have let me do that as a kid’.

He’s right.

When he was little I asked him to reflect to me how I was a good mom.

My parenting didn’t make room for-

His big feelings that brought up my own big feelings- I wasn’t willing to feel.

His desires that asked something of me- to know and set my limits.

His personal expression that cast me into a fear of the future- I made assumptions and worried that others would judge us.

I expected that he play a character in my environment that I needed to reflect to me my worth and success as a parent. It was all about me!

Now, in my SafeSeat practice, I meet my own feelings, desires and expressions- my vulnerability – with kindness.

I take them back inside and out of the projections and expectations I used to place on my children.  I love myself- in my full range of being human.

From here I’m ready and trust that I can meet everything that my children bring to me with kindness and connection also.

The more I meet and love those parts in me, I discover my own brilliance.

All those big feelings, all those beautiful desires, all that life force energy wishing to be expressed.

When I do this, I am creating an environment where I meet my children every day in their own discoveries of who they are- their brilliance!

I’m a parenting coach and astrologer who loves to read and study!

One of the kiddos loves rock climbing, socializing and playing music.

One is most at home in his room, tells funny jokes, and loves gaming and pop culture.

One is a free spirit who draws and day dreams and sees magic in tiny things.

One is a snuggle bug who loves Pokemon and math problems and staying up late.

One loves to bake, write notes, and play any and all board or card games. 

What Purejoy to recognize each of our unique brilliance.