Being a parent can sometimes be demanding and require us to give more than we receive.
Getting stuck in thinking we are only giving can keep us from receiving the gifts our child has to offer.

When I think it is up to me, to keep all the balls in the air, I forget to stop and receive all my daughter has to give. I can focus on how demanding she is and how much I do for her. Slowing down and moving into a more receptive mode, I begin to open to the gifts she is so generously sharing with me.

Today, we worked hard on cleaning up her room. Now from my giving voice, I could tell you I was the only one giving. Most of the time she was just playing and watching. When I open to the receiving voice I will tell you how sweet it was to be with her, how her joy and enthusiasm filled me with delight and how grateful I am she still lets me in her room.

She just walked up the stairs and said, “I love my room.” Ahhhhhhh!

Practice: Today, write down all the gifts your child or children bring you. See even the difficult aspects they offer, in a new light. Remember, our children are always offering us their love, even when we can’t see it as such.